Jam Jam! Let’s go. We left Hotel@Thamel/Kathmandu early morning for Kathmandu airport. But much to our disappointment, the flight of Lukla was delayed because of foggy weather at Lukla. Although Lukla is considered as one of the most dangerous airport, our main concern currently was getting airborne, instead of landing at the “most dangerous” airport.

After much of flight delay, we were airborne. I think ride was more of interesting than scary. Everyone was busy taking enjoying the picturesque view outside, or taking pictures (of view or of the small open cockpit). And in an hour we landed at Tenzing Hillary Airport.

Having our sip of tea, we started for Phakding.

If you check the trail map of EBC route, Phakding is at an altitude lower than Lukla. Hence the walk was supposed to be a moderate walk, with climb in between

However, the walk sets the agenda for what in store for coming days. As we pass through the narrow streets of Lukla into pathways of hills, we come across excited kids, colourful shops and the yaks walking through the streets with their ever tinkling bells. Prayer wheel or Mani wheel (Tibetan: མ་ནི་ཆོས་འཁོར), Daal Bhaat, Mani Stone, stream, waterfall, hard working porters carrying huge weight of supplies to mountains- route has everything that will be the sight for coming days.

We had our share of rest when we broke for lunch. Lunch was traditional (?) Bhaat (rice), Daal, Aaalo ki Sabzi.

We reached Tok-Tok (in Phakding by evening) for day 1 break. Important to note that Phakding is the last stop, on EBC route where you will get free mobile charging. Mobile charging will cost you around Nepali Rs 200 to 400 from here onwards (with few exceptions). So make sure all your power banks, mobile, devices are charged (off course, if you are not carrying a portable solar charger)

The dinner had a mandatory Garlic soup for everyone (which became a regular dinner item on each night). The locals think garlic soup can help with headaches and altitude symptoms. Even back home, in my hometown, elders do believe garlic helps in tiredness and body aches. (BTW, do check WebMD for side-affects or consult your doctor for any allergy related to garlic.)

Brief summary :

Mobile Network :
Wifi Network :
Difficulty Level : Moderate
Issues faced : None
Steps (as per app) : 19,942
Distance : 12.5km
Flights Climbed : 48 floors
Route map (Google) :

Mid way en route.

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