Whosoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind. ~ Holy Quran 5:32

I wonder, if this Ayaah of Quraan shareef, was missed by those terrorists who find their inspirations from religion, or is that they failed to comprehend the meaning of this great Ayaah! In either case, this loss of data, in comprehension is posing a serious threat to humanity, and bringing a bad name to the religion itself.

The recent serial blasts in two cities of India, has left everyone of us shocked. I felt sad, furious, helpess which led to frustration, down, and again felt frustarted. And for some odd reason, I had to show my anger and protest a bit louder.

But this is not for anyone else, but for myself. This is for my own Zameer, that I should speak out my protest against this extremely inhuman act of bombing and killing innocents. I don’t know who these people are, which religion and region they belong to, what are their political motives behind this, and I don’t want to know. All I care, is elimination of perpetrators and their act. I want the elimination of this ideology that lead people to bomb innocents at ease. I wish, I could have helped in one way or other to get them off the face of earth. They are indeed a serious threat to humanity, and in particular, a threat to the pluralistic fabric of my nation. At least they aim to create a divide between the religious community of my nation.

But then the resilience we show after each blasts is exemplary.

The instincts of communal harmony and mutual co-existence are so deeply entrenched amongst Indian masses that despite occasional tremors, they are not uprooted by the worst sorts of political machinations and most despicable deeds of inhumanity. These are the instances which serve as the silver lining when the dark clouds of hatred and animosity seem to be surrounding us from all sides.

India is one. And InshaAllah It shall remain as one.

The world is yet to produce a bomb which can permanently tear apart the social fabric between Hindus and Muslims who have been adorning this beutiful face of India since centuries.

This is the spirit which inspired the renowned Urdu Poet Dr. Allama Iqbal to declare with confidence.

‘Kuchh baat hai ke hasti mit-ti naheen hamaree,
Sadiyon raha hei dushman dore zaman hamara’

And to make situation further bad, I think, we lack political will as well to solve the issue. All we care is to blame each others. BJP blame congress for soft stand on terrorism, while forgetting that they also have freed a couple of hard-core terrorists on a “state paid, one way” trip to Kandhar. Congress on the other hand, have this unrealistic and unreasonable (for me it’s insulting as well) fear of losing vote if they act hard on terrorism.


Do we need such political discourse in India?“.

After having said so, all I now want is security agencies put their act together and catch the real culprits. I strongly feel that we do have a number of culprits within our frontier, because without their help, it would have been impossible for foreigners to carry the blasts. So we should come out of this predefined template of “Foreign Hand” kinda statement, and catch the real culprits. Because everytime, we shrug off the responsibility by catching the wrong person, the actual culprit get a sense of immunity and he commits the same crime again and again.

And I leave a protest picture from my favourite city, Bangalore :