I am an engineering graduate from Aligarh Muslim University, and I work in areas realated to Java, ADF, WebServices (SOAP, REST), Cyber Securities and practically anything that is under Cloud. Offlate I am also trying my hands at Machine learning, AI and python.

I have created this personal space to have a repository of articles on internet. It will be articles of my interest which can be related to Technology, Indian History & geography, lifestyle to my travelogue.

If you happen to know me, and are out of touch, why don't you drop me a note.

Hire me?

I am currently well satisfied with my job and since there is no push factor in my organization for me, I am not actively looking for a change. But if you think, you have a more challenging role, and a much better remuneration to create a pull factor, please do get in touch via my  profile on LinkedIn.

Personal Views:

I do support Freedom of Expression, very strongly. I believe in what Evelyn Beatrice Hall wrote in The Friends of Voltaire: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. I am apolitical in my views, and I do not actively participate in political discussions.

To conclude,I will leave with lines from famous Indian poet Allama Iqbal: 

Jo Alam-e-Ijad Mein Hai Sahib-e-Ijad
Har Dour Mein Karta Hai Tawaaf Iss Ka Zamana

Taqleed Se Nakara Na Kar Apni Khudi Ko
Kar Iss Ki Hifazat Ke Ye Gohar Hai Yagana

He who is an inventor in this world of Becoming,
Is always cherished and followed by his time.
Don’t spoil your self respect by imitating others,
Protect it, for it is of incomparable worth.