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Json ResourceBundle in java

I published a lite version of Json ResourceBundle to my dormant git repository. Here is a copy from that TL;DR Registering a custom ResourceBundle.Control extension forces JSON parser jars to be present in extension directory. This repo provides basic skeleton/raw code to overcome the limitation and support json…


Script to setup keystore for OWSM

In Fusion Middleware 11g/12c, user can very easily protect their services using OWSM policies. A number of these policies are message protection policies, And to invoke these services, client need to set up OPSS keystore service properly to be picked by owsm.


When false is true

While trying to explain reflection to one my young friend, I finally ended up writing this code: This won’t work in 1.3/.4 but will work in higher/lower version of JDK The bug #5044412 fix(?) may disallow setting of value of fields.