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Kashmir and Leh, Ladakh Trip

Remember the most famous line used to describe Kashmir? Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast,hami asto, hamin asto, hamin ast. (If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here) ~ Mughal Emperor, Jehangir When I planned for my first trip to Kashmir, I was thinking not…


Java assignment by reference.

So we all know java .reference .It is an address that indicates where an object’s variables and methods are stored. Java spec says : Just before a reference to the newly created object is returned as the result, the indicated constructor is processed to initialize…


कोरोना वाली ईद – II

लो आ गयी ईद. महीने भर के रोज़े के बाद आ गयी ईद. बच्चों ने भी रोज़ा रखा था. ईद के चाँद देख बच्चे खुश है. वो बच्चे हैं, शायद इसी लिए खुश है. और हम “बचें” है, शायद इस लिए हम खुश है. सेवई…

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Kannada: Numbers

I planned to blog the Kannada lessons, as my kid learn in their class. I started with this post of mine, but lost track because of other work commitments. Now as they revise their units, in the year end, I thought lets continue the series….


Learning Kannada with Kids

Starting this year, my daughter, who moves to grade 1, will be having Kannada as a subject in her school. And since we are not the native Kannada speakers, it presented us a good opportunity to learn this rich local language, along with her. In…


Vacuum Cleaner prototype

As Jr. is having his time to experiment in this lockdown, he has come up with a prototype of vacuum cleaner. Good that he understands now the difference between a normal fan, and sucking pump.


Json ResourceBundle in java

I published a lite version of Json ResourceBundle to my dormant git repository. Here is a copy from that TL;DR Registering a custom ResourceBundle.Control extension forces JSON parser jars to be present in extension directory. This repo provides basic skeleton/raw code to overcome the limitation and support json…