Last week my episode on Capgemini SuperTechies Show . For the episode we were presented by a challenge from Amazon WS.

In the end is the link of the episode, for those who missed it (and interested in whatever we said).

To give an overview, we didn’t make it to next round. However, audience liked us a lot, to the extent that our audience vote surpassed the votes of both the team, combined together. 🙂

However, judges, whose opinion mattered most, had other ideas. Nevertheless it was nice experience meeting experts in the Industry and shooting for the show. If allowed, will try next year, with a more organized approach 🙂

Note: Uploading modified version of our presentation material (with more details) in the end under GNU Free Documentation License, in case if you want to reuse/have a look

Our presentation:

First slide contains link to our profile page on Supertechies’ website.