The Harappan culture (IVC)

(2500BC-1750 BC)

                                                The area formed a triangle





 Suktogenedder                                        Alamgirpur
 (Makarana coast)


Important sites:


–   Left bank of river ravi

–         Montgomeri distt of  Pb

–         Hariyupiya (of Rig Veda)

–         Granaries (2 rows of six granaries)

–         Brick platform(for thrashing grains wheat and barley)

–         Measuring stick of bronze

–         South of  citadel(R-cemetery)

–         Toy bullock cart of bronze

–         1921 by D R Sahani

–         Vanity case has been found


–         Bank of indus( right bank)

–         Great bath ( corbelled   drawn )

–         Floor was  waterproof

–         Granary(inside citadel)

–         Assembly hall

–         Bronze dancing girl(proto Australoid)

–         Male statue (made of steatite-Mongolian,represent priest (beard + moustache))

–         1922 by R D Banerjee

–         seal of pashupati

–         a piece of woven cloth


–         Ganganagar

–         River ghaggar

–         Here lower town was fortified

–         A ploughed filed with furrows

–         Fire altar(also at Lothal)


–         Artificial Dockyard

–         Bhogava river

–         Ahmedabad

–         R S  Rao

–         AT the head of gulf of Cambay

–         The similarity b/w chunhudaro & Lothal- Bead makers


–         Baluchistan

–         Fort of stone

–         Pot containing human ashes

–         Axes of Cu , bangles  of clay,bird whistle

–         Bones of horse


–         Clay model of plough shade

–         Haryana. Founded by  J.P. Joshi and R.S. Bist.


–         Bead makers shop was unearthed