Things are going to be more interesting from today onwards. We are into the four best days of our trekking route. And that starts with spectacular views of oligotrophic Gokyo lakes. And soon we are going to break 5000m threshold.

The morning at Machermo gives a good sight of the peaks nearby. It was bright morning to start with (which turned into cloudy, in later part of day).

Day starts with a brief climb out of Machermo into a long and gradual climb through open country.

As we walk the trail gets higher and more rocky.

Look at those climb. They take you high. Beyond the clouds.

Finally topping the rise, we saw the first of five Gokyo Lakes.

The lake is smallest of the five. Still, it holds its beauty. Tranquil turquoise lake reminded me of Pltivice lakes from Croatia. The rocky path continues as we cross pass the beautiful lake.

Soon we reached the 2nd lake of the pentalogy of lakes, bigger and equally beautiful. And who will let go an opportunity to detox oneself in such a stress free environment. I had my go to relax. Right on the lake 🙂

The lake is full of Cairns.

As we look way forward, their is no end to rocky terrain

The porters had their share of well deserved rest as well.

As we cross the lake, we had a brief Yoga Session.

Soon (well not that soon), we arrived at the most beautiful of all the three lakes.

The excitement to reach the village of Gokyo (which is just above the third lake a short walk ahead) was so obvious and visible.

It became cloudy when we reached the village. So we moved in to the hotel to have our lunch. However, there were patches of bright light, post lunch. We strolled down to lake, as it was right in front of our guest house and spent some relaxed time.

While walking across lake, David (from another Trekking group) had plans of his lifetime. He proposed Ana, the love of his life for marriage. And it was accepted. Naveen had made their video made, and promised to email them back.

And soon clouds were back, we returned back to guest house. Tomorrow is going to be a big day. To climb up the Gokyo-ri peak. First of 5000+ peak.

But as this 6 cairns stand, right in Gokyo lake, they seem to represent all six of our trek partner. Standing tall and calm, braving the constraints our body put during the walk.

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