Allama Iqbal – Selective verses II

  ..Contd (From previous post ) Dilemma of Muslim world and its causes *. kal aik shorida khab gah-e-Nabi (PBUH) per ro ro kay keh raha tha Kay Misr-o-Hindustan kau Muslim banay-e-Milat mita rahey hain Ye zairan-e-hareem-e-maghrib hazar rehber banain hamarey Hamain bhala un say…


Allama Iqbal – Selective verses

  With Yahoo announcing the shutdown of geocities , I thought of creating my own copy of few of the selective verses of Allama, available on one of the geocities site, I had bookmarked. Concept of Self Respect (Khudi) *. Nigah-e-faqr main shaan-e-sikandari kya hai?…


Munich to Vienna

This easter weekend, we finally zeroed in to visit Wien (Vienna). It was a last moment plan with no reservations in any of the fast trains, but who complains when you have budgeted groupe tickets available, both for Vienna, and Bayern Area. We decided to…



  I slept and I cried, I wept and I tried, Ibn-Rushd came to me and exclaimed “Son, what pains thee?”, I cried “O’ holy saint you do not what ails me”. I doubt my doubt, doubt itself is unsure, I think, yet I think…


How to detect proxy while connecting a url

When I started learning Java (infact I still am) I was stuck in assignment to open the net connection, which was outside our institute firewall. The document at Sun’s website explains in depth the traditional, as well as the latest way (Use of Proxy class/Proxy Selector)to use…


Know your nation – I

Which country shares LONGEST border with India? India shares the longest border with Bangladesh. Indo bangladesh border spans five of Indian state namely WestBengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura. Mezoram and stretches for 4096.70km. Indo Chinese border stretches for around 4000 km. What are official names of…


JFormattedText Field with Date

While trying JFormattedTextField, I had this requirement to show placeholder to the user to guide him while providing the date input. There was also a need to pop up user with the error message, if the input was incorrect. (Yeah, I understand that many prefer inline…


A night in Indian Train

  “Nitish to haar rahain hai is baar” said my co-passenger sitting in the seat next to me. Is he talking to me? I gave him a confused look, and then he said it again – “Nitish ji to haar rahain hain” with a confident…


Munich to Venezia

No we are not going to Paris! Why? Is Paris Hilton, who was our tour guide, not well? Nonsense. Don’t crack PJs, there’s no decent accommodation available out there, as this is peak time.. So..?? So what? Let me think… Dude don’t think but act….