Accent folding in Javascript

A number of languages has Accents (diacritical marks) e.g ä, ǟ, ą̈, B̈, b̈, C̈, c̈. They are generally pronunciation hints that don’t affect the textual meaning and writing those characters on English/Mobile device or for non native speakers can be cumbersome. In order to…


Ek brahman ne kaha hai ki ye saal accha hai

1. husn-e-maah, garche ba-hangaam-e-kamaal achchaa hai Us-se mera maah-e-khursheed-e-jamaal achcha hai [ maah/ماہ = moon, Khursheed/خورشید = sun, jamaal/جمال = beauty, ba-hañgām-e-kamāl/بہ_ہنگام_کمال = at the height of tumult ] 2. bosa dete naheen aur dil pe hai har lahja nigaah jee mein kehte hain, muft…


Vedic Period

Disclaimer: I am neither a historian nor a student of history. These are notes for self reference, from books I have read. Vedic Period (1500-600 BC) Rig Vedic Age/Early Vedic Age (1500-1000 BC, discovery of Iron): The word veda derived from vid(to know) meaning knowledge…


Provide auto input for batch file

One of my known, still in college asked this question on how to run a program that takes dynamic user input for program (typical, “Enter your name” type of commands) multiple times using a batch file,without any real user providing the input.


Main hoon unke saath khadi jo seedhi rakhte apni reedh

मैं हूँ उनके साथ,खड़ी जो सीधी रखते अपनी रीढ़ कभी नही जो तज सकते हैं, अपना न्यायोचित अधिकार कभी नही जो सह सकते हैं, शीश नवाकर अत्याचार एक अकेले हों, या उनके साथ खड़ी हो भारी भीड़ मैं हूँ उनके साथ, खड़ी जो सीधी रखते…