Munich to Venezia

No we are not going to Paris! Why? Is Paris Hilton, who was our tour guide, not well? Nonsense. Don’t crack PJs, there’s no decent accommodation available out there, as this is peak time.. So..?? So what? Let me think… Dude don’t think but act….

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I Protest

Whosoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind. ~ Holy Quran 5:32 I wonder, if this Ayaah…


Nostalgic : Ameen Sayani

The programme at IBN LIVE , made me nostalgic, and I decided to dedicate few moments to one of the greatest voice Indian Radio ever had, Mr Ameen Sayani. How many of us, can afford to forget the legendary voice of Cibaaca geetmaala fame. “Jee…


Visit to Ice Cave, Salzbrg, Austria

“No yaar, got work in office.. you know the condition of Prepaid these days“, was the usual response we were getting when we were planning for Salzbarg, last friday. Very few showed real enthu, for a trip to Austria, but then amidst uncertainties we finalized…


Visit to Dachau Concentration Camp

The Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site guide book says : The Memorial Site on the grounds of the former concentration camp was established in 1965 on the initiative of and in accordance with the plans of the surviving prisoners who had joind together to form…


Islamic Banking? Whats the deal?

Offlate, a lot is being said about Islamic banking. Even Forbes magazine had one article on this form of banking. This article from Reuters believes “Islamic finance can give early warning of debt woes”. With so much of talk going on, I tried to find out what actually…


Teachings of Mumbai Local train

Mumbai locals, the backbone of city traffic. Offlate, I tried to get into the shoes of a philospher and tried to analyse Mumbai local trains philosophically 🙂 The first lesson is that you don’t need to PULL (legs) of others to get at their positions….


Bhagalpur to Singapore

8 PM, 25th April Hongkong Airport Transit lounge. Was waiting to board the flight to SFA on my first ever overseas tour. And just thinking of last 24 hours of my life.Will like to share what was my experience for the last 24 hours or…