The programme at IBN LIVE , made me nostalgic, and I decided to dedicate few moments to one of the greatest voice Indian Radio ever had, Mr Ameen Sayani.

How many of us, can afford to forget the legendary voice of Cibaaca geetmaala fame. “Jee haaan to is hafte kaa gaana number ek hai…

Interview excerpts “…When I was about seven, he started taking me to All India Radio and started introducing me to English broadcasting. So from the age of seven till 16, I was an English broadcaster. I hadn’t studied Hindi or Urdu extensively…” suggest what a talent this man had. Even the advertisers of today, tries to imitate him, by one way or another.

I wish, I could again tune in back to those days to listen pathaan kot se Goldi, Jhumri tellaiya se pappu 🙂

Ameen Sayani :