When false is true

While trying to explain reflection to one my young friend, I finally ended up writing this code: This won’t work in 1.3/.4 but will work in higher/lower version of JDK The bug #5044412 fix(?) may disallow setting of value of fields.


Why I must believe in GOD

  Not sure how to put it, because of the literary skills I lack but still. There can be many reasons why Theists believe in God. Recently I found one more. It was not more than a couple of days, I was frustrated, saddened and…


Chandrayana I

  Girte hain sheh-sawar hi maidan-e-jung mein Woh tifl kya gire jo ghutnon ke bal chala karte hain @ Well done! So what if the score card does not say perfect 10. It was a great job done.


Allama Iqbal – Selective verses II

  ..Contd (From previous post ) Dilemma of Muslim world and its causes *. kal aik shorida khab gah-e-Nabi (PBUH) per ro ro kay keh raha tha Kay Misr-o-Hindustan kau Muslim banay-e-Milat mita rahey hain Ye zairan-e-hareem-e-maghrib hazar rehber banain hamarey Hamain bhala un say…


Allama Iqbal – Selective verses

  With Yahoo announcing the shutdown of geocities , I thought of creating my own copy of few of the selective verses of Allama, available on one of the geocities site, I had bookmarked. Concept of Self Respect (Khudi) *. Nigah-e-faqr main shaan-e-sikandari kya hai?…


Munich to Vienna

This easter weekend, we finally zeroed in to visit Wien (Vienna). It was a last moment plan with no reservations in any of the fast trains, but who complains when you have budgeted groupe tickets available, both for Vienna, and Bayern Area. We decided to…



  I slept and I cried, I wept and I tried, Ibn-Rushd came to me and exclaimed “Son, what pains thee?”, I cried “O’ holy saint you do not what ails me”. I doubt my doubt, doubt itself is unsure, I think, yet I think…