Not sure how to put it, because of the literary skills I lack but still.

There can be many reasons why Theists believe in God. Recently I found one more.

It was not more than a couple of days, I was frustrated, saddened and quite “down” at something happened with my friend’s family. I was even more frustrated when I felt how limited our power is vis-a-vis nature. I felt helpless as I could not do anything for them, except for prayers.

And when I prayed, I thought what I was taught years ago in Maktab (school) that all the good and bad comes from your Lord. I thought of it for a moment, and then remembered these are not the power of nature, but test of our Lord. I felt better. Although the sadness didn’t go away, but I felt relatively better. And hence I reaffirm again, for my feel good factor …. I believe in GOD. To be less frustrated, and less depressed I believe in God. For everything else as well I believe in GOD.

And for my friend, he is a brave character. He will come out with flying colours. May Allah grant him patience and courage so that his testing time is passed. And I am sure it will.